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Skype Yoga

Really interested in learning more about yoga, but not available to make it to a studio?  Perhaps you can not drive.  Perhaps there is no studio near you.  Perhaps the studio environment intimidates you.  Perhaps the times of classes don’t fit your lifestyle.  You are a perfect candidate for Skype yoga!  The first 1.5 hour session is $80.  Thereafter, packages of four 1.5 hour classes for $300.

Skype Meditations

Intimidated by meditation?  I’m here to help make you more comfortable with the idea and share some practical ways to incorporate this self-care technique into your life.  We will start simple and…well, keep it simple.  This is a simple thing with many levels of practice and understanding based on where you are at with it.  We will include some history, some options on how to practice and actually meditate too!  A series of 8 sessions at 30 minutes each.  $300

Private Yoga

Want one on one help with yoga?  Let’s learn poses suited to your needs and your body.  Your first 1.5 hour session is $80.  Thereafter, packages of four 1.5 hour classes for $300.

Semi-private Yoga

Are there two of you with the same goals?  Let’s meet together and grow together.  Custom sessions are 1.5 hours.  $80

Restorative Spa Yoga

We will go through 4-6 restorative poses, including “spa treats” along the way.  Perhaps we will use paraffin, acupressure, reflexology, eye pillows, cucumber eye pads, singing bowls, tuning forks, mala beads, chanting, poems, opportunities for reflection, meditation, etc.  Sometimes we get a surprise guest practitioner to join us, too.  Offered approximately monthly.  Limited to five participants.  Fills quickly.  Wait list available.  1.5 hours.  $20

Koru Yoga 101: Absolute Beginners

This is for beginners.  Yea, absolute beginners with absolutely NO experience with yoga (less than 3 classes or no yoga in maybe 10 years).  Ever been to a beginner yoga class and it seemed like everyone already knew what they were doing?  This class is for those with no prior experience with yoga.  Designed to create body awareness, increase confidence and keep it fun, while teaching you ways to adapt poses to your own body.  This is *not* a flow class, but may, at times, include simple flow sequences.  A series of 4 classes at 1 hour each.  $300

Koru Yoga 201: Beginner’s Giggle Yoga

Who knew it was possible to giggle doing yoga!?  This is a class for beginners with a light heart.  Maybe you’ve had some yoga before.  Maybe you go to yoga regularly, but need to slow down and actually learn how to do down dog (Your arms are supposed to feel like a handstand in downdog.  Did you know that?).  A low key, non intimidating, comfortable class for those who want to focus on what to do with their bodies.  This is *not* a flow class, but may include aspects of flow sequences.  We will incorporate many styles of yoga into a class that is well-rounded and provides a solid base for future yoga classes.  Warning: you might actually giggle.  First 1.5 hour class is $20.  Thereafter, packages of 4 classes are sold for $75.

Meditation Sessions

Approximately monthly meditations for 30 minutes.  Immediately following other classes.  By koha (donation/exchange).

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