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Certified by New Beginnings

My goal is to:

“…help laboring women realize their strength and use their own power to give birth.”  Pauline Perez.  The Nurturing Touch at Birth (1997)

I had a midwife, a doula, and a very close friend at my daughter’s birth in 2013. My birth team made me feel confident in the birthing process and provided me with the best care possible for such an important moment in my life. I realized afterward how lucky I was to have had that care. In 2014, a close friend and his wife asked me to be their doula. This made me realize that I would enjoy providing this type of care to others and help create the best birth experience possible. Following their birth experience, my son’s birth in 2016 was also 100% natural, largely due to the fantastic support I had surrounding me for the experience.  I’m honored that you’re considering me to be part of your team to help create whatever you are looking for and I look forward to experiencing the journey with you.

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