What is aromatherapy?

Smelling lavender flowers or its essential oil diffused in the room (or by inhaler or in a lotion or in a salve…) to feel relaxed and calm is definitely aromatherapy  – but it’s so much more!

Aromatherapy is the art and science (there is a heap of chemistry involved!) of being able to combine essential oils, directly collected from plants (flowers, fruits, roots, resins, etc.), in a way that physically, spiritually, and/or psychologically benefits the individual.  More and more scientific studies have been completed on the effectiveness of a particular essential oil (there has been significant research on lavender, for example), or more often a particular chemical component in an oil. Knowing this information, an aromatherapist is able to create custom blends that are aimed at addressing a particular concern (dry skin, congestion, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, allergies, motion sickness, muscle soreness, etc.). The dilution of the product is adjusted based on the specific needs of the client (Is this an acute issue?  How old are they? What is their lifestyle?), creating a truly custom product with high quality, natural ingredients.

Aromatherapy is a natural extension of Koru Therapies.

Basic aromatherapy has been used in the business since it began.  For example, some essential oils had been used with doula clients to help ease their labor and delivery and others were used with massage and bodywork clients.  When the business moved across the country from CA to MA in 2016, an opportunity presented itself to start an aromatherapy certification program while building Koru Therapies back up from ground level.

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