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Koru Beginnings

The idea of Koru Therapies began nearly 20 years ago in the small town where Jennifer, the owner, grew up in the USA. Her friend’s mom had a small massage business operating out of her home. She liked her approach to massage and the fact that she could provide individualized care to her clients, most of which were friends and family. After obtaining her master’s degree in zoology in 2012, she exited the left brain world and allowed her right brain to sprout by becoming a student of massage. While natural sciences and conservation remain a passion, she acknowledges that she has a natural ability to provide others with the benefits of high quality, customized treatments. She is honored to work with every client and is always learning new therapies to keep them coming back for more.


Koru Therapies is dedicated to treating all clients as the individuals they are. The company recognizes that each person has different therapeutic goals and aims to help the client reach these goals during their appointment. Natural products are used in order to give the body the care that it deserves.

The name “Koru Therapies” was chosen when the company began in New Zealand in 2012. The Maori word “koru” symbolizes new beginnings, renewal, new life, growth and peace. A koru is often connected with the unfolding of a new fern frond. This name represents the philosophy of Koru Therapies since the aim is to have clients leave the session feeling full of new life, new beginnings and peace.

The company now operates out of Williamstown, Massachusetts serving southern Vermont, western Massachusetts and eastern New York and also travels to visit clients across the nation. Koru Therapies continues to nourish the original Kiwi philosophy.

We Cater to Parents

All clients are welcome. However, Koru Therapies caters towards the needs of parents in several ways, including:

  • Bring your infant/toddler to your session. Koru Therapies understands the need for parents to have a way to continue receiving massage during parenthood. Paying for childcare while receiving a treatment is an additional expense. To avoid these extra costs, and maintain flexibility around the needs of young children, clients may have their infant/toddler (under the age of 2) in the treatment space with them.  If the child needs the caregiver during the treatment, we can adapt the plan to include them (transition to learning infant massage, bring the child on the table to cuddle with the caregiver, etc.).
  • Hours are flexible to allow clients to receive treatments at the time most convenient to them, which is not always during “regular business hours!” Clients can opt to receive treatments during a child’s nap time, after they have gone to bed for the night, early in the morning, or at the last minute. Flexible business hours allow the perfect opportunity for a “date night in” or a weekend treat during nap time.
  • Koru Therapies offers infant/toddler massage. See Massage and Bodywork or Events for details.
  • Chair massages are available to treat the parents attending a play date or other kid’s event. See Events for details.

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