Why did Koru Therapies expand into offering travel?

When Koru Therapies moved in 2016 to the small town of Williamstown, MA, the rest of the world felt so far away!  In an effort to bring the world closer to myself, my family and others, Koru Therapies began offering family-friendly travel excursions in 2017!  What better therapy than to get out and see the world!  Trips are offered that are local, regional or international.  There is a need to make travel more accessible and enjoyable for families.  Having other families on the same journey with you makes it possible to have playmates and companions in your journey.  Traveling is difficult at times, especially with kids, but Koru Therapies aims to make it easier and more enjoyable.  Join us on our next trip!  Invite another family to come with you, or your parents, or your in-laws, or your brother!

What kinds of adventures are offered?

Koru Therapies will offer local trips (in New England), domestic trips (somewhere in the USA), and international trips.  You can join a trip planned by Koru Therapies, or if you have your own large group already assembled, Koru Thearpies will help you coordinate, book and plan your private journey.

Trips for 2017

Stay tuned for trips offered in 2017.  Cost varies per trip.

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