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Treatments may vary depending on state.
CAMTC Certification Number 53977.

Relaxation Massage

Smooth, gliding strokes are used to take the client into a relaxed state and not necessarily work on specific areas of tension. This therapy calms the nervous system, stimulates the lymphatic system, and improves blood circulation.


Back of body (1 hour): starts with backs of legs, then to glutes, back, shoulders, neck and head

Front of body (1 hour): starts with feet, then to fronts of legs, stomach, chest, arms and face

Full body (1.5 hours): starts with the back of body and ends on front


This treatment takes the client into a deep relaxation.  The body rhythm is lowered to a place where natural rejuvenation of cells throughout the body can take place, while releasing stress and toxins.  Brushes, gloves and other massage tools are used to penetrate the muscles more deeply than a relaxation massage and leave the skin soft and smooth.  This method can focus efforts on areas of concern, as requested by the client, however it is largely geared towards treating the whole (or half) body.


Back of body (1 hour): starts with backs of legs, then to glutes, back, shoulders, neck and head

Front of body (1 hour): starts with feet, then to fronts of legs, stomach, chest, arms and face

Full body (2 hours): starts with the front of body and ends on back

Cellulite Treatment

A vigorous therapy aimed at stimulating the cells in the affected area to encourage healthier tissue.  Consider starting with four 30 minute treatments one week apart for hard to reach areas.  If the area is accessible to you and you have the dedication to work on yourself routinely, consider one 30 minute treatment so you can be shown the technique and then you can do it on your own.  Combine this treatment with something else to get a full hour session.

Lymphatic Work

Working mostly on the legs and upper arms, this treatment helps purge toxins from the body by encouraging excess fluids to enter the lymphatic system.  Consisting of quick brush strokes, this often helps reduce the appearance of puffy ankles, legs and arms, leading to firmer skin.  Consider one 30 minute session to start.  If the area is easy for you to work on, we can show you the technique and you can continue on your own daily.  Return visits can help the areas that are difficult to reach.  Combine this treatment with something else to get a full hour session.


The treatment can be helpful in understanding temporary or chronic health concerns throughout the body as each area on the foot corresponds to a specific part of the body.  Reflexology starts with a foot soak and scrub, and then each foot is worked on for about 20 minutes – giving a full treatment time of one hour.

Pressure/Trigger Point Therapy

This uses a combination of methods to help address a specific issue.  The client chooses the length of their visit (1, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions) and the area(s) of the body to be worked on.  Using a combination of gliding massage strokes, pressure points, and trigger points, stored tension is released allowing the muscles to go back to their natural relaxed state.  The client must communicate with the therapist in order to control the intensity of the treatment.  This method is best for someone who has a particular physical issue they are trying to address (i.e. tight shoulders).

Infant/Toddler Massage

Learn how to massage your baby or toddler (or someone else’s!) in a one hour session. Invite other friends or have your own private session. If you are expecting (or don’t have a baby to massage on – for example, you are learning the technique to use with a nephew/niece/etc.), a two hour session is recommended.

Chair Massage

Receive a 10, 15, 20 or 60 minute treatment in a massage chair.  This routine focuses mainly on the back, while also doing some work on the arms, neck and head.  This is a great treatment for treating your employees in the office, parents at a play date, moms at a mother’s day gathering, etc.

Prenatal Massage

This treatment uses the side-lying position and bolsters/pillows to help the mama be comfortable during her treatment.  Relaxation strokes are used to help alleviate stress and discomfort associated with pregnancy.  Depending on the mama’s needs, we can also use a semi-reclining position to better access the head, face, neck, chest, fronts of the legs and feet.  We can also use some BodyWork techniques, if the mama desires, to better address areas that may be causing her discomfort.  This treatment can be one hour, an hour and a half or two hours.

Postpartum Massage

After birthing her baby, a mama is likely to feel aches and pains associated with the labor and delivery and also from lifting, holding, and feeding the new baby.  The postnatal massage techniques used will depend on the mama’s needs and how many weeks she is postpartum.  It is encouraged that the mama have the baby in the room with her and to feed or cuddle with the baby as needed.  We can adapt the techniques to suit whatever mood the mama and baby are in.

Psychosomatic Therapy

Sometimes called “triangle therapy” or “mind-body therapy,” psychosomatic therapy is a unique approach to addressing deeper psychological issues that have manifested themselves in the physical body.  The location of chakras and spheres of energy in the body are used as the vertices of each triangle.  Lines connect these points and form individual triangles throughout the body. Each triangle has its own characteristics of being in or out of balance.  By observing imbalance in the physical body, we can discuss reasons why this may be happening and how it relates to the psyche.  One or one and a half hour sessions are available.


Locations within a 30 mile radius of Williamstown, MA: $80 per hour.  Additional cost may apply if there is not a reasonably close and free parking spot available.

Hourly rate is for a full 60 minute treatment, as opposed to the 50 minutes clients may receive for their “1 hour massage” with other practitioners.

Outlying areas: At least an additional $20 for areas outside of this radius.


Call or text Koru Therapies at 415.715.7941. You can also send an email to jennifer(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) Explain your availability (weekends, evenings, weekdays, etc.). You should expect a reply in 24 hours with some options of treatment times.

Once you have decided on a treatment day and time, book your appointment by paying in full. This is what secures your appointment. You can pay by cash, credit card, debit card, check or PayPal (to jennifer(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) If you are unable to make your appointment, please see our cancellation policy to understand your options.

Koru Therapies offers mobile treatments. Here is how to best prepare for a Koru visit:
1. Make sure we can park somewhere nearby. There is a lot of gear to carry in (table, sheets, oils, music, etc.).
2. Clear enough space for whatever treatment you are receiving. For example, a treatment on the table needs enough space for the table and for someone to walk around it comfortably. If you are doing an infant bodywork session, you will need enough floor space cleared for you and your infant and whoever else is attending to sit comfortably.
3. Heat or cool the space to your comfort. Make sure you start this up to an hour before your scheduled appointment to make sure it’s just right.
4. Pour yourself a glass of room temperature water and add a slice of lemon. Drinking this after your treatment will help your body process the toxins we have released into your system from your treatment.
5. Turn your phone off, put a sign on your door, and tell your friends and family to leave you alone for your treatment so you can fully benefit from the expertise of Koru Therapies.

Koru Therapies will cater each treatment to the individual that is receiving it, but in general, you can expect the following:

1. Koru Therapies will arrive on time.

2. All gear will be brought inside.

3. A new client will receive a “Client Intake Form” which provides basic health history information.
4. While filling out the form, the gear will be set up.
5. The client and the therapist will discuss what treatment is best for that particular session.
6. The therapist will then leave the room to wash hands. This is your time to take off clothes to your comfort level and as appropriate for the treatment. You then get under the sheets and blankets and get comfortable.
7. The therapist will return in about 5 minutes and knock on the door to see if you are ok for them to enter into the room. The door will be closed.
8. Treatment time starts.
9. At the end of the treatment, you will be told, in most cases. (Sometimes, a client is left to wake up by themselves or ease off the table in their own time.) This is your time to put back on your clothes.
10. Exit the room or open the door so the therapist knows you are ready. They will then enter the room and start breaking down the gear.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to set up before an appointment and 15 minutes to break down after an appointment. New clients will take an additional extra 15-30 minutes. Expect Koru Therapies to be at your location for 30-60 minutes in addition to the treatment time.
Absolutely. In fact, most pets want to be near the treatment space since they can sense the healing energy created during that time. Consider bringing in their bed or creating a comfortable space for them so that they feel welcome too.

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