Attend a Koru event or host a private function of your own.

On site chair massage/bodywork

A great way to make any event more memorable.  Consider having a massage chair at a play date, a mom’s (or dad’s!) night in (or out!), in your office, at the park – pretty much anywhere!  $160 for a two hour event, working with a maximum of eight people, or $240 for a 3 hour event, working with a maximum of 12 people for 10 minutes each (or a longer amount of time with fewer people).  Payment is required in advance.

Massage/bodywork workshops

Massage and/or bodywork workshops are offered periodically in order for attendees to learn techniques to use with friends and family.  Bring your own partner to learn how to work on the feet, legs, back, chest, arms, neck, head and face. A demonstration will be provided and then the pairs will practice with each other.  Wear a swimsuit underneath loose fitting, comfortable clothes.  Bring a blanket to lie on and a massage oil/olive oil/coconut oil/favorite lotion you already have at home.  Prices are $80 per pair (as in $40 each) for a two hour, one time session.  A two hour session will cover techniques to use on half the body.  Consider two separate two hour sessions, if you’d like to learn techniques for the full body.  Contact Koru Therapies to see when the next workshop will be.  Or, if you have at least four pairs of people who will attend, you can host your own workshop.

Infant/toddler massage/bodywork workshops

Get a group together and host an infant/toddler massage/bodywork workshop.  A two hour session is recommended if infants and/or toddlers are not attending.  If infants and/or toddlers do attend, a one hour session is more appropriate.  One parent (or caregiver) must attend with each infant and/or toddler.  Techniques will be shown for infant massage/bodywork and participants will be taught how to adapt them for toddlers.  Detailed notes are provided.  Rates are $80/hour for one parent/child or $40/hour per parent/child if at least two parents are attending with their individual children.  For a group workshop, a maximum of 10 parent/child duos can be accommodated.

Event table massage/bodywork

A great addition to a play date, holiday party, family get together (especially at times of stress), etc.  Hire Koru Therapies to provide 30 to 60 minute table treatments for attendees.  Prices are $80/hour of treatment time.  Koru Therapies can work with up to six clients at a table massage/bodywork event.

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